VEEMALA (Heike Hamilton)

Senior-Teacher & Musician in the style of Shiva-Sai-Mandir-Music

"Bhajan singing is a beautiful way to make you feel good  and lift the energy around you. It is nectar for the soul." 


Veemala lived many years in India, singing Mantras and Bhajans almost every evening in the presence of the yogic  master, Sri Sai Kaleshwar.  Meeting him in her native Germany, she was deeply touched by his presence and his teachings, and decided to travel to India for a month-long inquiry into the ancient knowledge. She stayed 7 years. 

"Every night we were singing beautiful bhajans and mantras together. It was blissful to experience the healing power of sacred sound.”

Since those evenings in the Ashram, singing and creating healing music became part of her life. In 2010, Veemala and her musical friends recorded her first album, "Prem Amrita” in the ashram, which means, “the divine nectar of love.”  The album is a celebration of the different qualities and beauty of the Divine. The songs carry the energy the "Shakti" of the Shiva Sai Mandir temple in Penukonda. 


Veemala is performing healing concerts with her band and lives now in the Chiemgau, Germany, where she is leading Mantra-Bhajan singing for adults and children regularly. She practices healing techniques, consults and teaches Vaastu, the science of holistic architecture, together with her husband.  Veemala also creates yantras for healing and harmonising. 


"I am eternally grateful for the grace spending all this time in Swamy's presence, for his blessings, unconditional love and guidance."


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" Sankirtana, through the music. Entire, every mantra, bijakshara,

everything is hidden in the music. That music is that much power.“ 

- Sri Kaleshwar

SAI-SHAKTI CENTER, Gutshofweg.4 / 93480 Hohenwarth 

Mail to: info@bhajanmela.de